Is Max Blumenthal an Imbecile?

This comical short video exposes Max Blumenthal for what he is - a devout tribal activist.

You can watch the entire video and follow the discussion here

At one point, when it seemed as if the Mondoweiss' crowd were accepting that Blumenthal & Co have nothing to offer, editor Annie Robbins wrote the following:

Annie Robbins April 1, 2015, 1:02 pm
hi dan, keith, giles, mooser, yonah, hops, philemon, tokyobk, w.jones… and every/anyone else. i anticipated lots of comments about atzmon when i put this up, because people are so obsessed w/him. however, i posted this video anyway because i thought it was valuable info, not primarily focused on atzmon, and worthy of discussion.

as i have mentioned before, especially since atzmon doesn’t host any forums for people to argue about him and his ideas, and once people start arguing about him they often become myopic and do not stop, we don’t plan on hosting an extended argument/ conversation about him.

just saying in case you notice your comments about him start not making it thru, you’re not alone and it’s not targeted towards your opinion per se. otherwise this will go on for days like it always does whenever his name gets mentioned.

sorry to break up the party, find another forum for it. and by all means if there’s anything else you’d like to discuss about the information in the video, feel free.