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Run out and buy a copy of this book.  It will knock a hole in all your prejudices - Eugene Schulman, Counterpunch

Occupation, and oppression of Palestinians by Israeli Jews is captured with a delicate balance of seriousness and, tongue-in-cheek -  Kim Peterson, Dissident Voice

A good book should hold within its covers a range of ingredients including a bit of poignancy, a touch of irony, a few shockers, a good dose of truth and a smattering of education. It should also entertain. A good book will contain all of this and take around two days to read, if you really get involved. A to Zion: The Definitive Israeli Lexicon offers all of the above, and will only take between 5-10 minutes to read. Sammy Stein, Something Else


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A to Zion - The definitive Israeli Lexicon is a fictitious alphabetic satirical lexicon.

A is for Anti-Semites and for Arabs, B is for BBC and Britain, and so on for the entire alphabet. This book is for everyone.

Containing important and eye-opening definitions like:

Bar Mitzvah – the moment when the male Jew accepts that his foreskin is not going to grow back

Canaan – the land of milking money

Catch 22 – free ham

Humus – a traditional Jewish Polish vegetarian dish brought to the Middle East by Zionist pioneers. Not to be confused with Hamas

Jewish mother – Just like a Jewish father but with balls

Water – is vital for all known forms of life except Palestinians


If you happen to be troubled by the book’s content, perhaps this book is not for you or perhaps you think it is about you.


Enzo Apicella was born in Naples, Italy in 1922. Apicella is well known as one of the world’s greatest cartoonists and interior designers

Gilad Atzmon was born in Ramat Gan, Israel in 1963. He is an international Jazz artist as well as a writer. Gilad is the author of the best selling book The Wandering Who?


Paperback  $14.99

ISBN 978-0-9931837-0-6

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