henri selmer paris
Gilad Atzmon

After playing saxophone for 35 years I have now managed to settle on a set that I really like,  especially on my alto. I am playing a brilliant  Selmer Paris Reference 54 with an  astonishing custom made Morgan Fry NYZ mouthpiece. The combination is  lethal.

I met Morgan a short while ago, I soon realised that I have never met anyone who knows so much about mouthpieces. I must be very lucky.  


Make- Yanagisawa

Serial no-

Mouthpiece- Morgan Fry,  FLZ Soprano in a .063" tip

Reeds-Rico 2.5



Make-Selmer Refernce 54

Serial no

Mouthpiece - Morgan Fry, NYZ Alto in a .073" tip

Reeds-Marca Jazz



Make-Selmer Paris Mark VI  

Serial no- 121k

Mouthpiece - Morgan Fry,  Floridated Link in a .092" tip

Reeds-Marca Jazz 3


Make- Selmer Paris, Balanced Action

Serial no-25K

Mouthpiece-Beechller 8

Reeds-Rico 2.5



Make-Buffet Crampon

Serial no

MouthpieceVandoren B45

Reeds-Rico 2.5 and Harry Hartmann's Fiberreed

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