Gilad Atzmon

Gilad with Strings

Gilad Atzmon’s acclaimed Orient House Ensemble and Ros Stephen's Sigamos String Quartet on the road with their new project. This features interpretations of Charlie Parker’s legendary strings recording, as well as new works by Gilad. The combination of Atzmon’s unparalleled bebop virtuosity with stunning strings arrangements promises to create a special performance.

The project is a product of a growing collaboration between Gilad Atzmon and Ros Stephen. Back in 2006 Gilad joined Ros’ Tango Siempre for two tours and an album project. They then decidedto join forces and to bring 'Bird with Strings' to live.  


Album Reviews

"Atzmon's fluid lyricism is in full flow on songbook classics and worldly originals. But as sweet romance morphs to modernist uncertainty, the bittersweet balance and rich emotional palette equally impress." Financial Times *****

"Gilad Atzmon, the expat Israeli saxophonist/clarinetist, combines thrilling jazz musicianship with a maverick political intelligence" Guardian ****

"Like the best of albums" Jazzwise ****

"Atzmon always manages to tell a story" Uncut ****

"One of the finest alto players around, Gilad pays his respects to Bird i...It's striking how similar Gilad's sweet, open-throated sound is to Parker's, but as you'd expect from the fiery philosopher-turned-Blockhead, this is no tribute album." BBC Music Magazine

"Maybe because he's such a wild card himself, saxophonist Atzmon plays Charlie Parker with a perfect mix of bluster and vulnerability." The Independent  

 "Atzmon is surely the hardest-gigging man in British jazz...the music here is subtle, ambiguous, often beautiful - and features a saxophonist playing deep from the heart." The Times ****

 "An avid Charlie Parker disciple..." Evening Standard

 "This is an outstanding album." Allaboutjazz

 "is almost like a suite, with one track leading into the next" Scotland on Sunday****

 "A genuine expression of love" Scotsman****

 "The fiery Atzmon took his show from a demure chamber-music lilt to a Coltrane-inspired roar and back, and the crowd was right there through it all." Guardian Live Review ****

 "A delightful evening of artfully crafted music that was rich with emotional complexity." Financial Times March 2009

 "Musical genius and comic" Leicester Mercury

 "Work of beauty, power and intense sonic vision" Morning Star

 "Atzmon is a loose cannon: a larger than life figure with an almost overpowering musical personality... it's as perfect a jazz marriage as you could wish for"

Phil Johnson, independent on Sunday Jazz Critic

 "Atzmon is a hell of a talent...essential listen for all contemporary music fans. Atzmon has done what all the best jazzers do and put his own stamp on his chosen material. This may be loving tribute to a mythic past but it is one with an unmistakably contemporary edge" The Jazz Man ****

 "this is far from a retro exercise in simply re-creating the past" Socialist Review

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