After Dark-Bristol Preview

    Gilad Atzmon (Saxes), Frank Harrison (Piano), Yaron Stavi (Bass), Enzo Zirili (Drums)

    It is fifty years since the death of probably the most influential saxophonist in Jazz; John Coltrane

    Gilad Atzmon & the ‘Orient House Ensemble’ attempt to reflect upon the beauty of the man’s music, with a new album dedicated to his music & ethos, ‘Trane’.

    John Coltrane (like his contemporary Miles Davis on trumpet) changed the sound of not only the instrument but the form of Jazz and its future

    Whether it is his patented sheets of sound, his rapid-fire improvisations, the advanced harmonic progressions; the sonic impact of probably the best jazz quartet….Ever? Or his lush interpretations of the most beautiful ballads; no aspiring music lover can afford to neglect the music of Trane.

    But Coltrane is far greater than the sum of his outstanding musical achievements. He was a voice of his generation, an artistic & revolutionary spirit, a man who transformed anger into love; and plight into a humanist message.

    “Coltrane is for us, jazz at its best: an authentic creative wave of constant transformation and innovation. ‘Trane is for us; first and foremost….a spirit.” Gilad Atzmon

    If you have not witnessed Gilad in action before then you have yet to witness a force of nature!

    A larger than life character with a seemingly abundant store of energy, he not only tours constantly with his Orient House Ensemble band but works with many other projects including the Blockheads, Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney and Robert Wyatt. Yet still he finds time to be a political activist for change in his country of birth, Israel.


    His espousals of critique against the perceived injustice of the Middle East situation, has brought him into direct conflict with many of his countrymen, with writings and insight based on a drive to stand up for the forgotten in the area; and to propose an alternative to the carnage that exits still

    As a musician, he finds a different outlet for his passion. Fire and energy exude from his instruments of choice; Saxophone and Clarinet predominantly, though he has time for accordion and ethnic woodwind instruments as well.

    The OHE, have become one of the tightest outfits around with piano & bass unchanged since its inception in the year 2000. It shows in live performances, where they merge the essence of Jazz with haunting references to sounds from the Middle East; to produce evenings of exhilarating music that has an enthralled audience worldwide. The band will be playing over 40 dates on this autumn tour, which is a mark of their popularity and passion for the music, they will be with us in Bristol on this evening in September and it’ll be one not to miss.