‘UK needs to overcome pro-Israel lobby’


As Britain is preparing to enter 2015, many are questioning how the government will be able to handle the numerous challenges it faces in terms of domestic politics and foreign diplomacy. Nevertheless, the general sentiment in London is that the country first needs to get rid of outside pressures that have pushed it to pursue interventionist policies.

Gilad Atzmon, a political commentator and author from London, said in an interview with Press TV that the British government is under the strong influence of a key pro-Israel lobby over its foreign policy agenda.

Atzmon said the same pro-Israeli lobby – that he named as The Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) – has had a key role in London’s recent hostile approaches toward Iran as well as Syria.

He described this as a danger which is already threatening Britain’s independence.

“It does not make any sense that a foreign lobby dominates British foreign affairs,” Atzmon told Press TV’s UK Desk in an exclusive interview.

“This is uniquely dangerous, also for the British Jews who probably at large do not understand the crimes that are committed on their behalf.”

Atzmon further said Britain should try to look after the interests of the British people rather serve Zionist interests.

“Britain needs to reinstate its British survival instinct....In order to do it, we must find political means to liberate and emancipate British politics from the Jewish lobbies and influence,” he said.

“It sounds harsh but this is a method of survival at the moment. This issue is actually pretty simple. We have all the evidence, we know who the people are, we know how this lobby operates and now we have to deal with it.”