Sleeping With Goyim in Mandatory Palestine

By Gilad Atzmon


Whatsupic -- In a superb video (attached below), Dr. Daniela Reich, an Israeli academic who specialises in ‘Israeli studies’ elaborates on her research into ‘Jewess / Goyim’ relationships within the context of pre 1948 Palestine.

The video points at two conflicting factors within the emerging pre-Israeli Hebraic society:

1.      The Formal and conscious institutionalized utilization of young Jewish women to ‘befriend’ British Mandatory forces to promote the Zionist project and to collect intelligence.

2.     A brutal harassment campaign against young women caught dating British mandatory soldiers and officers.

As usual, the Jewish anti Zionist ‘dissidents’ are very effective in providing juicy historical and factual anecdotes; yet, the nature of the culture that drives such phenomenon is left untouched and even concealed. Within the idiom of Jewish Left anti Zionist discourse, we are asked to condemn the symptoms but never to examine the disease. In this invaluable video, made by Israeli peace activist David Sheen, the Jewish culture and heritage that provoked such horrendous behavior toward women is left untouched. Interestingly, the video stops abruptly as soon as Dr Reich mentions the ‘J’ word.

I will briefly elaborate on the dialectics between female tribal utilization and deep Goy-hatred that are both embedded within Jewish culture.

 From a Jewish tribal perspective, utilizing Jewish women and their charms to serve the Jewish cause is totally kosher. For many Jews, one of the most fascinating Biblical stories, that is also popular amongst feminists and LGBT enthusiasts, is the story of Queen Esther.

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