United Against BBC's Tim Willcox.

With  classical Old Testament vindictiveness, the UK Zionist lobby AKA The Lobby is now humiliating BBC's Tim Willcox for daring to do his job.

Willcox has offered an apology, yet The Lobby remains unappeased.  "BBC reporter Tim Willcox left campaigners against anti-Semitism unmoved with an apology," writes the horridly aggressive   Jewish Algemeiner.

“Tim Willcox is right to have apologized for the question, but the thinking behind it was just as problematic as the way he phrased it,” added Dave Rich, Deputy Director of the Jewish  Community Security Trust. 

One would expect that the 'I am Charlie'  call would translate into a universal demand for a greater freedom to express but, at least as far as The Lobby is concerned, all we see is an relentless demand to reduce our Western universe into a Rabbinical  ghetto dominated by fear and abuse. 

Enough is enough...