Palestine Polaroid - They Need Your Support!!!

  • Palestine Polaroid is a proposed photography project run in conjunction with Project Hope in Nablus. Young students from the Balata refugee camp will spend 10 days documenting their own lives and surroundings through the medium of Polaroid photography. The aim of the project is to encourage young Palestinians to confidently express themselves within a visual context. Each student will be given some film and a Polaroid Camera with the purpose of exploring themes of identity, culture, family, community and occupation. We will then collectively edit the images in the workshop to create a book entitled 'Palestine Polaroid'. The book will be printed here in Berlin. This will be followed by an exhibition in Berlin showcasing the students work from the Polaroid Workshop. I am currently trying to arrange for local film makers from Nablus University to get involved in filming the project.

Why Polaroid?

  • None of the schools in the Refugee Camps are equipped with digital cameras, scanners or printers. Given the time constraints and the simple nature of instant photography, I feel its a medium that suits this project. Photographs are shot and instantly printed, this will allow students to give vital feedback on their images.  Polaroids are fun too which is important. It's a process the children will be unfamiliar with but as no technical knowledge is required they can feel at ease with the camera. 


We will be shooting mainly on Fuji Mini, Wide 300 and Impossible Project Film for Polaroid 600 Series cameras. My aim is to have  200 rolls of film and ten cameras for the children to use. Numbers participating may fluctuate but my hope is that each child will be allocated 5 - 10 rolls each (40-100 photos). I will fund my own flights and accommodation.                    

About Project Hope:

Project Hope creates safe and supportive spaces where children, youth and other community members can learn, thrive, and grow. Through their educational, artistic and recreational programs, they aim to empower Palestinian children and youth who have grown up in a context of violence and occupation, giving them the tools they need to access a better future.

Please visit their website for further details;

Balata refugee camp:

  • Balata is the largest refugee camp in the West Bank with over 23,000 registered refugees. The camp was established in 1950, the majority of refugees originally came from the cities of Lydd, Jaffa, and Ramleh. 40% of the population are under 14 years old. This is the demographic in which the project will take place. 

       For more information visit the United Nations Website below

Risks and challenges

To avoid any unnecessary complications with the customs officials I will pre-order and purchase cameras and film from the Fotofilm photography store in Tel Aviv. I will purchase the impossible Project film here as it is significantly cheaper.

I don't envision any issues beyond that. I will fly to Tel Aviv on the 17th of February returning on the 28th.

I will begin scanning and printing in my studio as soon as I return to Berlin, i would expect to have everything printed and scanned within 4 weeks.

Thanks in advance,

Owen McCann