I'll See Myself Out, Thank You (book and video)

On my blog I usually deal with issues to do with music, Palestine and Jewish identity. However, this time I call your attention to a new book named I'll See Myself Out, Thank You (Edited by Colin Brewer and Michael Irwin). The book elaborates on assisted suicide, it delves into the meaning of freedom and elementary human liberties.  I also urge you to watch Glenn's Last Tape, a very touching documentary telling the story of Glenn Scott, a Canadian lecturer, who decides to take his own life once he learns about his terminal illness. The film features the great Miriam Margolyes who is also a devoted supporter of Palestine.   


A series of recent landmark cases have highlighted the issues surrounding assisted suicide and may be shifting public opinion in the direction of greater freedom. 

These essays cover every aspect of the topic from the legal and religious issues to the deeply personal experiences of patients and carers.  They present a reasoned libertarian argument for people with terminal conditions, or poor quality of life due to illness or treatment, to be allowed to be helped to kill themselves. The authors include Will Self, Stuart Lee, Lord Avebury, Peter Tatchell, Mary Warnock, and Anthony Grayling.