Manchester Music School Surrenders to Zionist Lobby Pressure

By Gilad Atzmon


Yesterday I learned that my concert at The Royal Northern College of Music this coming Thursday had been cancelled due to Zionist pressure. I spoke with the RNCM's Marketing Director who told me that the concert was cancelled due to 'safety reasons.' It seems that the venue felt 'unable to guarantee my safety.' Given that I’m now a pretty big boy, this would be somewhat amusing except that the terrible implication is that Zionist’s violence has now made it to Britain.  It took a few hours before I found out that it was the ultra- Zionist 'North West Friend Of Israel' that had put pressure on the music school.

As usual, they have produced a pile of lies about my work and my writing. They suggested that my concerts were “fostering anti Semitism” which is obviously a complete lie in fact not once has anyone logged a complaint about my concerts or my talks. They also referred to the ‘sensitivity of Jewish students’ ignoring the fact that since its day of inception, The Orient House Ensemble has always included Jewish musicians and, if this is were not enough, many of our promoters and supporters are Jewish.  Then they argued that my book ‘The Wandering Who has been called ‘probably the most anti-Semitic book published in recent years’ forgetting to mention that it is a best seller in Britain, the USA and many other countries and has been endorsed  by some of the greatest humanists of our time. They also forgot to mention that not a single country, including Israel, has banned it or declared it unlawful. And yes, the book is indeed critical of Jewish identity politics and exposes the exact same Jewish political lobbying which the North West Friend Of Israel yesterday exercised in Manchester.

And it’s worth noting that the Zionist pressure group substantiated their ‘arguments’ by referring to the writing of none other than Alan Dershowitz, currently implicated in a huge sex scandal. This puzzles me. Would the RNCM cancel my concert based on criticism of my work voiced by the likes of say, Jimmy Saville or Garry Glitter? You decide.

This morning I referred this issue to my legal team. I also learned that very soon a petition will be launched denouncing the RNCM and calling on them to put this matter right. In the meantime, please write or call the RNCM on:
T: 0044-161 907 5200
F: 0044-161 273 7611

I will keep you posted.