Don't Miss- International Jazz Workshop In Saarwellingen- August 8-15

Dear friends and music lovers, don't miss this week of Jazz, improvisation and education combined with a music festival. An intense six  days of tuition, concerts and jam sessions for all levels, led by some of the world's best teachers and performers.

International Jazz Workshop August 08 - 14  2015

I would like to invite you to attend our 2015 “International Jazz workshop” in Saarwellingen, Germany. Last year I was appointed to be the artistic director of the course and I am very enthusiastic about this job. My approach is simple as it should be. We make music the way we hear it. Gathering some of the best teachers as well as performers in the world jazz and world music scene, we will produce music together, combining intuition and beauty.

The course is shaped as both intensive workshops and instrumental lesson during the day and a Jazz festival in the night. Jazz lovers and musicians of every level are invited to join.  It is promised to be an unforgettable experience!!!

Gilad Atzmon (art director, saxophones)

Sylwia Bialas (vocals)

Barbara Bürkle (vocals)

Pete Churchill (vocals)

Kevin Dean (trumpet)

Frank Harrison (piano)

Chris Higginbottom (drums)

Claus Krisch (piano)

Johannes Müller (saxophone)

Davide Petrocca (bass)

Saul Rubin (guitar)

                Gwilym Simcock (piano)

Asaf Sirkis (drums, konnakol)

Yaron Stavi (bass)