A Fatigue Of Goy Hatred is Detected

GA: In this Daily Beast's article Dean Obeidallah  digs into that which drives Pamela Geller’s bigotry.  America is growing tiered of the hatful atmosphere that is symptomatic to Zionist politics. The US is a Christian country after all..

Muslim-Bashing Can Be Very Lucrative

Dean Obeidallah


Why do Pamela Geller et al. do it? Sure, they believe it. But they get bankrolled to do it—and on a major scale.

People keep asking me why does Pam Geller spew so much anti-Muslim crap? Is it part of her work as a pro-Israel activist? Did she once get food poisoning at a Middle Eastern restaurant? Is it simply because she really, really hates Muslims?

Probably all the above, but one other thing is certain: Geller gets paid pretty well to demonize Muslims. I’m talking to the tune of $200,000 a year. True, that might be walking around money for Donald Trump (who actually bashed Geller this week for her draw the Prophet Mohamed cartoon contest), but that puts her in the top 5 percent of all Americans in terms of annual income. Now, $200,000 doesn’t make a person rich these days (although the $9 million in combined divorce settlement and life-insurance payments she reportedly got certainly qualifies her). But for what she does, it’s handsome pay.

to read more: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/05/08/muslim-bashing-can-be-very-lucrative.html?via=desktop&source=twitter