Bob Carter's Letter to the U. S. Campaign to End the Occupation of Palestine

To US Campaign,

     I have carefully read every word of your statement against Alison Weir. Thank you for making it very clear that you label any supposed or alleged attack on Jews as "anti-Semitic." This is an ancient argument and you are renewing it. I noticed that you seldom attempted to prove with a factual rebuttal that the supposed attacks on Jews were false. Let's face it you are reinforcing the idea that somehow that Jews presently and throughout history are immune to criticism as if somehow Jews have no responsibility at all for their persecution. 

     You have gone to great links to prove how unworthy Alison Weir is and as I continued to read your extended diatribe against her I felt your desperation to be thoroughly convincing that she is a racist. The more I read the more I was convinced of your desperation. You failed miserably to discredit Alison Weir. You could have kept you mouth shut and continued with your good work for a Free Palestine. You have done nothing but open a sordid side of U. S. Campaign.     

     I am very disappointed that The U. S. Campaign to End the Occupation of Palestine has sunk to this level. But again, thank you for clarifying who you really are.

     By the way, who did your research for this multiple page castigation of Alison Weir? (Click on Statement below to read) I cannot believe that Ana Baltzer or Josh Ruebner would participate in this witch hunt. Did members of your staff spend this much time turning over every stone to discredit a fellow patriot in solidarity with the Palestinian plight. If they did, shame on them for being distracted from your mission to End the Occupation of Palestine. If members of your staff did not do the pains-taking research, then who did?  Did you hire a representative or an attorney and if so, did you pay them? If you did, I resent that my dues and donations to your organization were used for this inquisition. I WOULD LIKE AN ANSWER, so please reply.


Bob Carter Justice For Palestinians - Houston, Texas