Jeremy Corbyn to appoint a “Minister for Jews”

A miracle was reported in Britain today, the Labour voted Left..

Israeli and the Jewish press are in a state of panic

The Jewish Chronicle  reported tonight that "rumours emanating from the Corbyn camp within the last 48 hours suggested he wanted to appoint a “Minister for Jews” – an emissary to work with the community."

The Jewish Chronicle  seems to be excited about this possible development"Would he, for example, give the Jewish minister job to a Jew? Or would it go to a non-Jew who was friendly towards the community? What about a Jew who was unfriendly towards the community? It would be a minefield."

Earlier on I informed  Jeremy Corbyn  that I prefer to be the minister of Jazz though I can see why some may insist that I am the perfect candidate for such a Jew related office.