War Dogs – Film Review by Gilad Atzmon

War Dogs, directed by Todd Phillips, is a biographical film about war and business 

It concerns two yeshiva graduates, David Packouz and  Efraim Diveroli, who both end up making a living selling weapons. It is a story of greed that knows no end, a tale of the Jew and the Goy - this is a film you will want to watch.

Often in American cinema, a dichotomy is played out between the good and the bad. In this film the bad Jew destroys everyone around him including, his best Jewish friend who is also his business partner. The good Jew in turn also destroys everyone - but the difference is, he feels guilty about it.

In America war is business and, as in business, all that matters is profit.

In this film, the American government wants to save money and the Jew is good at making money so, in no time at all, both our yeshiva graduates are making a fortune. These Jews are determined, they are clever and they know how to improvise. Sure, they risk their lives, but they are people without ethics – but then war is a business without ethics.

War Dogs is a dark comedy about the symbiotic relationships between an immoral America and the Jew - or shall we say, between capitalism and Jerusalem.