This Is How Corbyn Plans to Win British Workers

He sends his deputy leader Tom Watson to perform Jewish musical repertoire at an Israeli Lobby gathering...

Let me assure you, it wasn't me who musically trained Watson. But I can teach him some bebop phrases in case the Party is still interested to in Black voters. 

Nureddin Sabir, Editor, Redress Information & Analysis, writes:

Israel’s flunkies and flag wavers up and down the United Kingdom will be heartened to learn that the British Labour Party under veteran campaigner for Palestinian rights Jeremy Corbyn is no less Zionist than it was under the renowned stooges Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

In fact, judging by a report in today’s Israeli news website Ynet, the party is set to rival the ruling Conservatives as Israel’s principal echo chamber in the UK.

That is if Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson has his way.

Fresh from a trip to Israel, organised and paid for by the Israeli embassy in London, Mr Watson assured the Zionist lobbyists that he is their man at Labour’s top echelon, unmatched in his servility.

Addressing Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) on 29 November, he delivered “an impassioned pro-Israel speech” – so impassioned, in fact, that he burst into song, braying “The people of Israel live”, or Am Yisrael Chai in Hebrew.

He assured his audience that “The security of Israel and the safety of its people are non-negotiable.”

“We in the Labour Party,” he said, “stand by the people of Israel at this difficult time.”

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