God’s Chosen Drivers


My Canadian friend Richard Guillemette sent me the following a few days ago. I think that this is an extraordinary description of the Jewish condition where racial supremacy is celebrated trough tribalism, narcism and aggression:  

“In essence it goes a lit bit like this. You travel all over the world Gilad. You see and meet all kind of people,different ethnicities, different ideologies, different cultures etc. let's say you rent a car in each one and you have a car accident in every country. You then deduce that the reason this is happening is because nobody knows how to drive. Your solution is then to return to London and fight to abolish driving for everybody but you. You might allow some of your close friend to drive also. This problem can never be resolved and you have to live in constant fear every time you go somewhere and have to rent a car.

You know that you are right because God has chosen you as the best driver in the world.”