Tony Greenstein and The Definition of Insanity

AZZ Greenstein in uniform. 

AZZ Greenstein in uniform. 

By Laura Stuart

Oh the Irony! … Of Tony Greensteins’s expulsion from the Labour Party for alleged anti Semitism. Tony Greenstein himself was responsible for a witch-hunt within the Palestine Solidarity Campaign that resulted in many good people being expelled for… wait for it… perceived anti semitism. Now the “anti semite-sniffer persuivant” himself has been expelled from Labour.

How apt this anti free speech campaigner, who spent so much time and effort engaged in having some excellent people kicked out of P.S.C. and to have Gilad Atzmon's concerts closed down because he didn't agree with his views nor his right to air them - should now be subject to expulsion himself.

Tony made very unpleasant comments about my niqab a few years ago - something that was certainly none of his business, but he used it as part of his campaign to discredit me as an associate of Gilad on the website deLiberation. At the same time as smearing me as some sort of female victim for wearing niqab he claimed that as a "leftie" he would fight for my right to wear it.... no wonder such schizophrenic views lead to bitterness and confusion.

Tony blogged today about his hearing by Labour into his alleged anti semitism, I am totally bemused to find that his conclusion, expressed by him in the comments as follows:-

 "tonygreenstein levi9909

I think we have to build a movement, which will effectively stop the Zionists and win people over to the understanding that this is not about anti-Semitism but basic solidarity with the Palestinians and opposition to Zionism.”

Isn’t the definition of insanity taking the same action again and again despite the outcome always being the same? The second certainty in this life after the fact that death will come to us all, is that there are a lot of very vociferous Jews who will never be satisfied that someone is not anti semitic. Tony should know best all about such intolerant people since he is one himself. Good luck with that Tony!