This is not Gaza After Israeli Invasion

This is how Pambos Napa Rocks, a 5 stars hotel in Cyprus looked when a group of Israeli youngsters checked out.  Israeli Ynet reports this morning on the incident. The Israeli youth vandalised the place and terrorised the local population. Zionism promised to civilise the Jews, it vowed to make them 'people like all other people' failed!    

And this is how it looked before the Israeli invasion...

From ynet:  "Deepening into detailed reviews on the (hotel's) site,   reveals a terrible description of the Israeli tourists in  the island. 
'Israelis stayed in the hotel because it seems that no one else would agree to take them. They were either rude or sexually abusive. They attempted to steal things from other people's rooms,' wrote one of the guests at the hotel two years ago... 'I do not recommend this hotel unless you want to mingle with the Israelis.'"
More from another ynet article:
"According to the hotel, the boys vomited in the balconies  resulting guests had left and received a refund. They destroyed the wallpaper in the corridors and threw bottles from their balconies. They swam in the pool at 4 in the morning when they are intoxicated, even though they were told that this is forbidden. When the cleaner knocked on their door, they opened it they all naked and asked her, do you want to have sex with us?. Cleaning lady left her job subsequently. "
The hotel also said that Israelis 'did not respect the property and destroyed furniture in the lobby and reception. They threw bottles at guests. On leaving we discovered that they caused more damage to the premises, so we decided to cancel the deposit to repair some of the damage. We told them a repeatedly that  smoking is not allowed in the reception, but they laughed and smoked all the time and put the cigarettes on the furniture for the lobby, and consequently destroyed furniture."