Jewish Power In Decline

By Gilad Atzmon

The Jewish lobby is peeved with Baroness Tonge because she shared an article about ‘Jewish power.’

The horrid Time of Israel writes, ‘It emerged that the anti-Israel peer had earlier shared an article about ‘Jewish power’ being behind Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s current woes.”

Yours truly is the author of the article Baroness Tonge shared. Apparently, the Lobby doesn’t like it when their opponents openly exchange ideas. After all, Jewish power it the power to silence criticism of Jewish power. Yet, the fact that I dare to publicly criticise Jewish power and the Baroness circulated the critique suggests that Jewish power is in a sharp decline.

Here is an interesting twist.  Yesterday I was told that Hasbara agent Gary Spedding,  exposed on this page last week, was active behind the scenes exerting pressure on the hero humanist baroness Tonge.

On his FB page, Spedding expressed ‘deep concerns’ regarding Baroness Tongesharing an article written by Gilad Atzmon. Spedding, who is notorious for being stupid as well as treacherous, insists that Jewish power is a known anti-Semitic trope. Someone should help Spedding to figure out that for people who live in the USA, Britain and France, Jewish Power is the medium through which our politics is taking place.


In bed with the ardent ultra Zionist Jewish lobbyist in Britain; Spedding discusses with Moshe how to expel the Baroness from the Liberal Democrat Party.

The verdict is clear. The time is long overdue for the Palestinian solidarity movement to clean its ranks or just fade away.