NYC Talk on Thursday: What Do Trump, Sanders and Brexit Have in Common?

What Do Trump, Sanders and Brexit Have in Common?

July 7, 8-10 pm

18 West 18th St, Room 503 (5th floor)

(After the talk I will be playing with Saul Rubin @ Fat Cat)

The Post Political Condition 

Please join Gilad Atzmon on Thursday evening July 7 for an informal talk and exchange of ideas.  

What Do Trump, Sanders and Brexit Have in Common? 

Are they the most visible symptoms of a general fatigue on the part of the public? 

We will explore how these three very visible phenomena appear to result from exhaustion with party politics, ‘post modernism,’ identity politics, the tyranny of political correctness, the effects of controlled opposition, and the unending and immoral interventionist wars around the world.  

In this meeting, controversial philosopher, author, and musician Gilad Atzmon, will help you identify some of the elements that have contributed to the current global disaster.

 Mr. Atzmon is the author of several books including

The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Identity Politics and  The Definitive Israeli Lexicon from A to Zion.

“Atzmon performs the prophetic for our time” Says Marc Ellis 

VOLUNTARY DONATIONS to cover the costs are welcome.