Goyim Must Obey

By Gilad Atzmon

The British Labour Party is constantly accused of being anti-Semitic. This is not very nice but the 'pro-semitic' Liberal Democrats are far worse. Israeli press reports today that the UK's Liberal Democrats have suspended a former MP for alleged 'antisemitic' tweets.

On Sunday, Matthew Gordon Banks was sacked by the party after accusing party leader Tim Farron of winning his position due to the financing of his campaign by "London Jews". In response, Marie van der Zyl, Vice President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BOD), said:  "The comments by Matthew Gordon Banks on Twitter are of very deep concern. He talks about Jews and money and hints at the age-old canard of the 'Jewish conspiracy.’”

Van Der Zyl suggests that Jews buying British politicians is Kosher (fine and dandy) but gentiles pointing it out are guilty of hate crimes. Perhaps I can help Ms Van Der Zyl. If Jews did indeed fund Tim Farron's election campaign then Banks is not a bigot but a truth-teller. If, on the other hand, Mr Banks made it up, if it is revealed, for instance, that not a single Jew funded Farron’s campaign, then Banks is simply deluded, misled or even a liar – but still far from being an antisemite.  

Whether Van Der Zyl accepts it or not, Jewish mammonites buying Western politicians is no conspiracy. It is all done absolutely in the open, it is, indeed, the reality in which we live. In the last few months, we saw Michael Foster boasting about all the shekels he spent on the Labour party – and he clearly listed what he wanted in return. Lord Cashpoint Levy was Blair’s chief fundraiser when Britain launched its Zionist criminal war in Iraq.  Jewish oligarchs buy British political parties. Nothing new there.   

Van Der Zyl’s disrespectful attitude proves who really runs the British political universe. Despite Banks being an ex MP and a director at the International Institute for Strategic Affairs, this vice president of British Jews bluntly tells him what he “must” do – or else expect to face the consequences: “He (Banks) must urgently clarify and apologise for his comments, otherwise we would expect the Liberal Democrat Party to invoke disciplinary procedures.”

How is it possible that the vice President of British Jews knows in advance what actions the Liberal Democratic Party is about to invoke? I’ll leave you to guess the answer to that one.

Talking of apologies, the Board of Deputies has yet to apologise for Lord Janner allegedly raping British orphans when he was their president and therefore pretty much the representative of British Jews.

Maybe telling Goyim of all ages and ranks what they "must" do is just part of being chosen - (I’m not chosen anymore so I can’t say) - but I can say that the so called Jewish Anti-Zionists repeat exactly the same pattern. They too tell the Goyim and even Palestinians what they may or may not do and who they may or may note listen to. .  

Anyway, according to The Jewish Chronicle, the Lib Dems were quick to surrender and soon after the party was made aware of the complaints against Banks, they confirmed his suspension. Ironically, it is precisely the Lib Dems’ craven submission that confirms Matthew Gordon Banks’ observation about the dominance of Jewish funding over his party.