Wannabe MP Rachel Eden and the Zombie Alliance

I was invited to speak about my new book Being in Time - A Post Political Manifesto at Reading International Festival on October 22 2017. Zionist organisations were outraged. They mounted pressure on the venue and the council. They demanded the event cancelled. They mobilised a Rabbi to terrorise the resilient peace loving solidarity campaigners. Nothing worked. But one Labour Councillor was willing to do the Sabbos Goy job. Rachel Eden didn't bother to check who I am or what I stand for. She wants to be an MP, and she probably needs the paymasters at the LFI to approve her loyalty. I wish her luck...

Update: The Jewish Chronicle just confirmed that Rachel Eden, who was caught on camera notrecognising Gilad Atzmon and was clueless about his work, was the organiser of the anti Atzmon protest. The JC wrote, "Congregants from the Jewish Community of Berkshire and members of Reading’s LGBT+ community held a protest outside the event and were joined by Rachel Eden, a Labour councillor on the local authority, who organised the protest." It is important to mention that the JC is lying (as usual) about the most obvious facts. The picketers, as you can count in the video, number between 10 to 15. The only orthodox Jew in the picket is the kippa wearing boy who happened to be the Rabbi's son. Needless to mention that in Gilad's talk we witnessed many more Jews who were actually disgusted by this entire campaign . And as we far as we could see on the ground,  there was one LGBT protester carrying the rainbow flag. The protesters were invited to join the talk. One protester did and was active at the Q&A. 


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If they want to burn it, you want to read it!

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