The Daily Beast- Innocent Rabbi attacked by an Antisemite Lioness in Africa (video)

A story brought to you by Gilad Atzmon

Everyone's favorite Yiddish sage, Artie Fishel, and the Rabbi Yehuda Meshi Zahav make friends with lions in South Africa. Or, do they?

We learn from the Israeli press that rabbi Yehuda Meshi Zahav, was lightly injured after being attacked by a racist white supremacist lioness while on tour in South Africa.

“For the first time in my life I felt fear, and the power of the lioness,” Rabbi Meshi said  before the bigoted Jew hating  beast “suddenly turned and attacked him.”

As I was  showing off to the camera presenting the harmonious  relationships between us, the chosen people, and the animal's royal family, the meshugina lioness changed her mind all of a sudden.  She  "knocked me down and I couldn’t fall, because if I had fallen,” she would consider me a gefiltefish, and this would be the end. Rabbi Meshi explained to Yiddishe Geographic. “Then everyone started hitting her “with lulavs and their tzitzis and the terrorist lioness bailed for her life.

Maybe Jews and Lions aren't a perfect match after all, the Rabbi concluded. 

We also learned from the London Zionist outlet,  The Daily Kvetch that Campaign Against Antisemitsm's  Gideon Falter and enforcement commissar  Stephen Silverstein vowed to travel to Africa and trace the bigoted lion as soon as they finish their business with prince Charles and princes Chabloz..

CAA in Africa

CAA in Africa