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Israeli born-UK based saxophonist, Gilad Atzmon has been stirring up audiences with his unique brand of bebop/hard bop/klezmer style jazz with his Orient House Ensemble. A passionate man, Atzmon's passion spills over into his music making, thus making every gig an event.

Perhaps best known as an alto player, it may surprise some that the tenor was the first saxophone that he picked up and that was Coltrane who was his inspiration to do so. Fifty years on since Trane's passing, Atzmon releases The Spirit Of Trane, his own very personal dedication to the tenor saxophonist whose work continues to inspire countless musicians all over the globe.

Of his choices for his Musician's Playlist, and his favourite albums, Gilad says: 

CHARLIE PARKER - Bird with Strings
Where freedom and nostalgia translate into revolutionary beauty.
The wildest quartet in the history of jazz transcends into angelic romanticism.
In my twenties when I was an adherent bebop fundamentalist, it was Piazzolla who introduced me to tango neurosis - that delicious organized chaos. Almost as good as self destruction.

When I delude myself with the idea that I am a competent saxophonist, I just listen to Brecker.

When I delude myself with the idea that I am a competent saxophonist, I just listen to Brecker.
MILES DAVIS - Kind of Blue
Miles - what is it about him? The prime icon of jazz. When I find the answer, I might as well retire.  
DANIEL BARENBOIM - Well Tempered Clavier books 1&2  
Bach forms a category of its own. Nothing in the world is deeper. It is actually beyond depth. It is so deep that it may as well be flat.

BILL EVANS - Everybody Digs Bill Evans
Where lyricism prevails! In 'Peace Piece' you will find all you need to know about music.

CHICK COREA - Three Quartets
This was my introduction to modern jazz. I loved it a lot. New aesthetics, ground breaking ideas, a new sound yet vividly energetic.   
JONI MITCHELL - Shadow and Lights
The best singer song writer surrounded by the best team ever created one of the most exciting American Albums ever.
HERBERT VON KARAJAN - Tristan Und Isolde
I don’t really like Wagner, I only listen to him because I know it annoys some people.
BRECKER BROTHERS - Heavy Metal Be-Bop 
I listened to it the other day. The last moment of American greatness. If Trump wants to make America great again, he should buy a copy. The spirit, the hope and the conviction are there. 

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