Listen to this honest man (video)

According to professor Steven M. Cohen "Judaism is not only a religion. It is an ethnicity, heritage, culture and an ancestry." Clearly the American Jewish sociologist confuses Judaism (the religion), Jewishness (the identity, the culture and  the ideology) and Jews (the people). However, Cohen admits here that Jewishness is an elastic notion. It can mean everything. I guess that Cohen may be upset when he finds out that his video affirms my take on Jewish ID politics as I explore it in The Wandering Who? and in Being in Time. I contend that every religion can easily become a Jewish religion as long as it facilitates a sense of choseness. This even applies to contradictory precepts such as:  Zionism as well as anti Zionism, Judaism as well as Atheism, Bolshevism as well Free Market Capitalism and the list is pretty much endless.