A Call for Action

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Islington Council has been forced to make 225,000,000  pounds in cuts over the past 8 years and expects to have to cut 50,000,000 more over the next three years. This did not stop the Council from hiring two leading partners (Gideon Benaim and Tom Iverson) from one of Britain’s most expensive law firms (Simkins) plus the costs of counsel to handle the ‘difficult’ matter of bolstering the Council’s ridiculous decision to stop me from playing the saxophone at the Blockheads’ Christmas  concert.

I urge my supporters and every Brit who would like the Council’s funds to be spent on more worthy causes to submit a Freedom of Information request and demand full disclosure of the Council’s legal expenses related to its fear of my saxophone.   We may be able find out how many homeless and disabled Islington residents would have been able to enjoy a warm meal and a roof this Christmas if the Council had stayed out of philosophy and did its job instead. Did anyone suppose that the Council’s best use of public funds was to operate as a Stasi like Israeli mission force. 

Here’s the link to Islington’s Freedom of Information request instructions: https://www.islington.gov.uk/about-the-council/information-governance/freedom-of-information/freedom-of-information-request

To express your disgust with Islington Council and its leader click here: https://www.change.org/p/devon-nola-gmail-com-hands-off-gilad-atzmon

To sign a petition in support of Gilad click here

Lodge a formal complaint: https://www.islington.gov.uk/contact-us/comments-and-complaints?status=inprogress

Email: assemblyhall@islington.gov.uk

Contact the Council: +4420 7527 2000

Support Gilad: https://donorbox.org/gilad-needs-additional-support