How Antisemitsm Became Noise


By Gilad Atzmon

The charge of ‘antisemitsm’ has become a noise -- a whiny repetitive background disturbance. We have learned to live with it, to accept that some people are just inherently upset and there is nothing we can do to change them or to help them out.

In Britain various Zionist organisations and media outlets dedicate themselves to threatening the British public. They torment the biggest political party in Europe and its leaders by tossing about their accusations  of ‘antisemitism.’ They crudely interfere with freedom of speech and the basic liberty to choose to oppose Israel and its tribal lobby. 

Miraculously, it seems the Brits have become inured to the endless racket. By now they either ignore the constant moan or they are just irritated  with the producers of that perpetual noise. In any case, it is clear that despite their persistent slander of Corbyn, he is more popular than ever. At this point I suspect that it might be more damaging to Corbyn if they were to allege that actually Corbyn is Jewish, perhaps the son of a rabbi. 

 This week, every Jewish outlet around the world reported that Jeremy Corbyn was an active member of a ‘secret’ Facebook group made up of Holocaust deniers and anti-Semites.

They are referring to a tedious 280-page report released by David Collier, that details supposed ‘anti-Semitic’ and anti-Israel material shared by members of the group. For instance, one member of the group wrote that he had read “Mein Kampf,” and suggested that “Everybody should be forced to read it, especially Jews who have their own agenda as to why they were not liked.” I guess the so-called ‘people of the book’ want to decide what books are qualified for Goyim’s digestion. I take it that Collier & Co do not accept that outside of the Jewish ghetto people like to exchange ideas and may even agree to disagree.

Collier reports that Corbyn posted on the FB group’s wall on a number of occasions. In one comment, he praised the heroic Dr. Mads Gilbert, the Norwegian physician who treated patients in Gaza staying on even as it was subjected to a genocidal attack from Israel. Corbyn wrote  “huge respect” for “my friend” Gilbert and said he would be “delighted to invite him to Westminster.” Perhaps someone will be kind enough to explain to Collier and his brethren in the Jewish press that outside of Golders Green Dr, Gilbert’s actions are how we define humanism and Corbyn’s affectionate attitude toward such a humanist isn’t exactly a ‘crime.’

 Britain’s MSM didn't picked up the story about Corbyn and the secret FB group. It is too boring, and the Brits have had enough of this constant lament.  

There is a practical side to this. Although the story tells us nothing about Corbyn and his non existent animosity to Jews, the perpetual  Zionist tantrum does serve to help us grasp Jewish culture and even Jewish history.

Let’s look for instance at Jennifer Gerber, the director of Labour Friends of Israel. She stated, “Mr. Corbyn has repeatedly failed to apologize to the Jewish community and to recognize the hurt caused by his past actions and associations. Now would be a good time for him to do so.”

What does Mrs. Gerber expect Corbyn to apologise for, his support for the oppressed and ethnically cleansed Palestinians? Or that he failed to operate as a FB inquisitor on behalf of the Lobby?  I’ll use this opportunity to point out to Mrs. Gerber that  Corbyn is doing pretty well without issuing such an ‘apology.’ Their actions might even be counterproductive, possibly the more Gerbers and Colliers castigate Corbyn as an ‘anti-Semite’ the more popular he becomes.

Joseph D. Glasman, head of political and government investigations at the ultra Zionist Campaign Against Antisemitism, accused Corbyn of failing to operate as a kosher police force.  “One of Mr. Corbyn’s slogans is ‘standing up, not standing by,’ but in this case he has not stood up but instead he actively joined in.”

In an interview published Thursday, Britain’s former Chief Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks, said he would refuse to hold talks with Corbyn until the Labour party showed “clearer signs of resolute action” against anti-Semitism within its ranks.

It is painful to watch a tribe ignore its past and repeat its historical mistakes. Surprisingly, their sole voice of reason is JC editor Stephen Pollard. Writing about his “Jeremy Corbyn dilemma” Pollard states:  “The truth is that we (The JC) could have such a story (Corbyn and his FB friends)  almost weekly. But I am acutely conscious that there is a perverse side to this – that the more it’s reported, and the more we go big on it, the more it is then discounted as just par for the course.”

Somehow  Pollard has sensed Goyim fatigue. Perhaps he can see that the Jewish fascination with ‘victimhood’ has made antisemitsm into white noise. Well done Stephen.

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