365 AM DOCUMENTARY --GAZA (must watch)



Two young journalists found themselves in the middle of what would be their biggest story yet, but what happened would change their lives forever.

 365 AM is the raw story of Gaza and two journalists trying to reach the rest of the world from inside one of the most deeply divided and silenced places on the globe. 

Objective of the film

1- we seek to show and educate the Western audience about a different narrative than the one they are used to seeing about the people in Gaza.

2- we intend on entering this film into many film festivals around the world.

3- we will create a website that will empower people to take action giving them a set of practical steps that they can take to help the people of Gaza.

4- we hope to do a speaking tour around the world with Ayman Mohyeldin and Sherine Tadros targeting the Universities, and other educational and prominent institutions to shed light on what happend in Gaza.