A Talk: The War Against Terror Within

York Against the War
a talk and discussion

7:30 to 9:00pm Monday 6th June
Priory Street Centre, 15 Priory Street, York
The War Against Terror Within

admission free, all welcome

Gilad Atzmon, an internationally known jazz musician, is also a radical freethinker. Israeli born, he has written extensively about Middle East issues from an anti-Zionist viewpoint.

The more ruthless we are, the more frightened we become, says Gilad Atzmon, because we fear retaliation in kind.

Ten years on, the US led 'War Against Terror' is neither over, nor bringing sense of security to Western countries. Likewise, 60 years on, Israels's wars against Palestinians still bring no security and no end is in sight.

How can we transcend the cycle of ruthless vengeance, retaliation and quest for supremacy which may keep these conflicts running forever?


Tony Greenstein AKA Atzmon's Internet Stalker seems to be very upset.

He launched another clandestine Jewish campaign (read bellow...) attempting once again to stifle freedom of speech.

From: Tony Greenstein

"Dear XXX,

I have just been sent a flyer for a meeting that you are holding in York on 6th
June with Gilad Atzmon.

I am a
Jewish* member of Palestine solidarity as well as being active in the BDS
Campaign.  I find your decision, despite being fully informed as to who Atzmon
is, outrageous.

In your flyer, which I'm copying for the benefit of those who I'm copying in,
you state that Atzmon 'has written extensively about Middle East issues from an
anti-Zionist viewpoint'.

Wrong. Atzmon is not an anti-Zionist.  Atzmon is an anti-Semite, i.e. an
anti-Jewish racist.  Anti-Zionism is a form of anti-racism.  Atzmon subsribes to
the world Jewish conspiracy theorist so beloved of fascists.
'Since America currently enjoys the status of the world's only super power and
since all the Jews listed above declare themselves as devoted Zionists, [there
is a list of Jews in the Bush White House - TG] we must begin to take the
accusation that the Jewish people are trying to control the world very
seriously.' [essay 'on anti-Semitism']"...


Greenstine repeats the same story for years...I noticed recently that no one circulate his writing not even on a blog roll, not even his old Jewish friends. Is this the real meaning of self inflicting Shoa?

I can only try to help those Jewish ethnic activists and spread their venom around. I believe that  everyone should  witness their real 'contribution' to our movement.


* Greenstein is not just an ordinary PSC menber, he is actually a 'Jewish' one- a privilaged being i guess.