Addressing Some Typical Zionist Questions

Gilad Atzmon: A Zionist blitzed me this morning with a few questions. I thought they were pretty interesting and decided to share my answers with my readers.

Q: Is there any definition in your lexicon of what an anti Semite is?

GA: "The Anti Semites" is an open list of the people the Jewish people hate.
Q: Do you consider yourself Jewish?

GA: I haven't been a Jew for many years -- but I still may be slightly Jewish.  This is unfortunate, but I try to deal with it.

Q: Do you honestly believe that Israel is the most criminal country in the world?

GA: Yes

Q:  What  would be your top ten, or even six?

GA: Because the Jewish State defines a category of its own, it cannot be listed amongst other nations.

Q: As far as this dog incident is concerned, remember one thing. Those involved are anti Zionist Neturei Karta.

 GA: To start with, I am not so sure that this is indeed the case. As far as I am aware it was Jerusalem Rabbinical court. Also, being an anti Zionist is just one aspect of ethical thinking.

Q: The Rabbinical Court followed a system of learning, rather than  a blind primitive superstition.

GA: The idea that a Judaic judgement process was involved in a decision to stone a dog  actually makes the rabbinical ruling far more sinister.

Q: If you were sincere in this you would object more to Indian women being  facially scarred by acid throwing men because they have been raped and so have brought 'shame' on the family. why aren't you more global?

GA: Because I am against globalisation! I am interested in Jewish identity politics and I think that I am very effective in exposing it.

Q: All extremists (and I include you in this) have some facile 'truth' in their view for a 'perfect' world.. Do you eat meat? Wear leather shoes? If not, remember vegetables have feelings too.

 GA: You are correct; I am indeed more concerned with the life of a Palestinian child in Jenin, than with the livelihood  of a tomato.