Ali Abunimah on Gaza and Lust (Video + comment)

Here is a rare opportunity to watch Ali Abunimah doing what he is good at.

Abunimah is certainly one of the best Palestinian spokespersons, Here he manages to present the correct time line that led to the current escalation in Gaza.  Abunimah better concentrate on exposing Israeli criminality, rather than chasing the enemies of Israel within our ranks.

However, in this short interview Abunimah refers twice to Israel's 'irrational lust for violence' and I am left slightly puzzled.  Just a year ago, the same Abunimah was outraged by my criticism of Jewish and Israeli culture. I would love to learn from  Abunimah what he has in mind when he talks about 'Israel’s lust for violence'.  Isn’t he directly referring here to some sort of collective culture or even biology? Can we grasp the notion of ‘lust’ without a reference to biology or culture? 

Abunimah better spend some time reading The Wandering Who. The book will provide him with a deep insight into ‘Israel’s lust for violence’. It will also provide him with the necessary information regarding the cultural heritage that led toward the emergence of such a genocidal cult.

The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics, Jewish political interest and 'Israel's lust for violence' in the context of Biblical Jewish secular interpretations.  or