Arch AZZ Greenstein surrendered

By Gilad Atzmon

In the last few weeks we have witnessed more than a few humanists abandoning the Palestinian solidarity sinking dingy.

Veteran BBC celebrity Alan Hart, the person who devoted the last 3 decades to the Palestinian cause and provided us with some spectacular analysis, decided to call it a day. A week later we learned from Haaretz, that Prof’ Norman Finkelstein, possibly one of the most profound academic contributors to the discourse, was also tired of ‘Israeli bashing’. Stuart Littlewood, probably the boldest pro Palestinian writer in Britain, admitted that he is also close to take a similar decision. Hart, Littlewood  and Finkelstein expressed their  dismay for more than a while and their concerns, although varied, have been shared by many, at least in part, including your truly.

But our humanists are not the only one to manifest fatigue.  Even the AZZs are drifting away now. Apparently UK leading tribal operator Tony Greenstein has also given up.

Using his favourite colour (red) to announce his departure yesterday, Tony he wrote on his blog “As Anti-semitism in the Palestine Solidarity Movement has all but vanished the purpose of this blog has become redundant”

This is indeed a sad day. Tony was my favourite cyber stalker and he will be missed. I would love to use the opportunity to not only wish him the best but also to thank him from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work he invested into promoting my work and helping to make The Wandering Who into a best seller.  

Tony makes it pretty clear what led him to his regrettable decision. According to him, the Judeification of the Palestinian Solidarity has been completed. To a certain extent Tony is correct: the actions of UK PSC expelling Palestinians, and monitoring the BDS changing its goal statement in a clandestine manner just to appease the Jews suggest clear Judeification.  Watching Electronic Abunimah and BDS harassing truth tellers in accordance with Biblical Hebraic herem culture is another serious concern.

Yet, the success of The Wandering Who may suggest something else. I am now touring relentlessly around the world for more than 2 years exploring the true meaning of Jewish identity politics and Jewish Power. It is clear beyond any doubt that more and more people do realise that Zionism is just one symptom of Jewish power. With 30.000 drones  flying over the USA, the people of Chicago, LA and Denver  have a lot in common with the people of Gaza.  The shift from Promised Land to Promised Planet is now a Western reality that has one clear meaning: we are all Palestinians and Palestinian solidarity starts at home. It starts with our capacity of identifying the enemy within. 

Watch Greenstein at the peak of his solidarity career:


As we move along more and more people  realise that Palestine and Zionism are just part of the problem. We are now digging extensively into Jewish power, the theory, the practice, the manifestations, Zionism and the links with the Left and the progressives, the role of political correctness, marginal politics and so on.  I myself am pursuing now a far deeper research into those subjects and I can already confirm that my new book will reveal a theoretical breakthrough in the understanding of the Progressive, the left and the fatal institutional failure of the international solidarity movement.   

I don’t know what led to Tony Greenstein retirement. But if he is available and needs a real change, I would offer him a place in my band wagon as a roadie. We could use a  Bolshevik veteran commissar to spice things up. For a change,  he will work with a collective jazz band and get a chance to explore how beauty and humanism are transformed into bread and butter.

The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics and Jewish 'Left' in particular  or