Danai Molocha: Gilad Atzmon @ Vortex



Jazz East to West

 A gig by Gilad Atzmon one of Britains most adventurous saxophonists is always unpredictable.  “We haven’t a clue what we’re playing tonight” he announced before delivering one of his jazziest gigs to date. Injecting his unpredictable performance with jokes and politically charged comments, the Israeli-born Atzmon sharpened our musical instincts, as well as our minds.  His blend of experimental bop and world rhythms created a freewheeling jazz context for the band to improvise in.  The sonic landscape, broadened by the presence of guest player Alekos K. Vretos, joined the foursome in covers like the famous Misirlou.  This characteristic Greek tune, used in the opening credits of Pulp Fiction, helped connect tradition with the avant garde. Whether playing the sax, the clarinet, or just scat singing, Atzmons delivery is chilling. By the end of this “festival of multi-talentless people from all over the world”, nothing was more apparent than his versatility, charisma and unifying music powers.
Review and photography by Danai Molocha for Live At Your Local www.liveatyourlocal.co.uk