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"A superb and necessary book that demystifies some "undeniable truths" about Jewish identity -
Gauden Sarasola, El Pais

The Wandering Who by Gilad Atzmon  

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Israel, a people invented a synecdoche State

Gauden Sarasola
A superb and necessary book demystifies some "undeniable truths" about Jewish identity.

That Forewarned is forearmed, and this is true here twice: on the one hand, the book of Gilad Atzmon (<< >> Identity wandering. Editions and Eastern Mediterranean, 2012) opens with a phrase, due the National Socialist camp survivor Israel Shahak, leaving orientation clearly stated what will come next, << Nazis made me afraid of being Jewish, and the Israelis have made me ashamed to be Jewish >>, focusing further his research in a point-interrogacón that nobody dares to ask: What is a Jew? , And secondly, that the Kid warns tell from the start that this is an important book, do I say important, clearly necessary.

The author is a noted jazz saxophonist devoted to and from the front pages reveals the essential role played in that activity changes his political positions. If your grandfather was a Jewish fanatic, he inherited some of it in his youth, but the contact with reality, and more specifically his military service coincided with the invasion of Lebanon, and the visit of a crowded field in which the Palestinians, made him realize that he was on the wrong side of the Palestinians and originating in those lands, had been fired and kicked dejándoseles not return to them. From the beginning those who were arriving were guided by the idea that more can capador.

One way to be diegetic discourse intertwined with explanatory essay, Gilad Atzmon is showing the steps it was taking in its clarification regarding what happened and going over there explaining the facts and realities that made him change his ideas and become in propagandist of Palestinian rights and decided demystifying Zionist fallacies of taking advantage of an alleged insider identity, even by God himself, will allow all types of theft, expulsions, discrimination making use of the weapons of his glorious army of the only armies of the world that has an ethical code << >> (curious ethics, to the extent that instead of looking at the path Kantian universalizable some values are based on discrimination, denial and annihilation of those involving an obstacle in his triumphal march) to claim the promised land << >> by Yahweh and there << mount the only democracy in the Middle East >>, but the thing is not there but the traitor << >> - that of so is considered, saying it is the classic example of the inferiority of some Jews that leads them to self-mortification, reveals the tentacles that Zionism has spread, by powerful lobbies, to monitor the progress of some of the most governments powerful in the world. The U.S. case is shredded using names of successive governments and their advisers (Wolfowitz, Greenspan, etc.) And the finding of his forays into distant countries to (besides boots seize several) to remove dangers to their partners of Israel, become, since its foundation in the area zealous gendarme.

The book is like the supposed identity of the speaker, wandering << >> and essentials leads us to set the record straight regarding Jewishness, Judaism, Zionism and perverse manipulation, and powerful, this latter has since its emergence in the late nineteenth century, always in search of an identity constituted against members of the diaspora and its members assimilated, emancipated character discriminator to erect a Jewish prototype << new >> which worked in their land (Palestine) and defend the land of their parents (the Bible's claim to prevail in earthly rights, and alleged direct line to the genealogy of David himself what conversions?). The artificiality of the construction of that identity >> << emerged in fighting those who would feel French, Germans, British, while ... did nothing, according to the Zionist vision, to betray and undermine the purity of the race (the DNA resource is no exaggeration), beyond membership by religion. They stayed with the German culture and technology, to implement wholesale lands hurtasen other weaker, less cultivated, and ... even darker.

Gilad Atzmon progresses through different aspects of these maneuvers misrepresentation (remote and belief of Judaism as well as other distinctive beliefs: Christian, Islamic, ... that require no purity, no kinship endorses it) in search of a core immovable whose essence constitute the uniqueness of the people who against all odds has withstood all persecutions, locking themselves to preserve their supposed roots in the tribal level, expelling or marginalizing their breast discriminator anyone not displaying the required purity, marked by the prototype devised by Theodor Herzl, Max Nordau & company, who invented a people like any self-respecting people must have a land and a story to what they had to create the Jewish << >> comme il faut, and claim rights to a land that was empty and only traversed by nomadic lazy (although unquoted go because I speak from memory, I only translate the spirit of the claims of the early Zionists) ... and invent history and genealogy ua fully fallacious as shown by new Israeli historians, as Shlomo Sand who repeatedly cites the author of this essay required. By the way, if before Sand explained << how >> invented the Jewish people, a few days ago has seen the light on the other side of the Pyrenees another work by this author in which he explains how he invented << >> ... causing Israel the ire of the trustees of the temple that once, mixing everything, cry. Anti-Semitic! Denier! Revisioista!, Insults with which, using amalgam. People like Eric Marty and / or Alain Finkielkraut pontificate and condemn (the eternal fire??) to anyone who reports the fallacies and crimes committed by Zionist colonialism of Israel is presented as the state of all Jews (only one approximately one third of those considered Jews live in such a state of refuge, as have them) The part and the whole and the Final Solution << >> launched by the dark beast as a standard for what they get out of the curls, of the kippa, or whatever, without respecting international law and with the support of the army of Uncle Sam.

The review is comprehensive, rigorous and argued. Would dawn if critical voice was heard by Israel, instead of listening and following so gregarious, the call Jewish Israel << Listen! >>, Of Deuteronomy, which only prescribe obedience to the will of course Yahweh, monopolized by the exclusive representatives of Zion.

Gauden Sarasol