Football and Palestine (must watch)

Published on Jun 4, 2013

A film by Gregg McDonald of Consequential Films

Producers, Hugh Tisdale and Deborah Rich of Philosophy Football

In the autumn of 2011 Philosophy met Honey Thalijeh, then captain of the Palestine Women's Football team.

Honey told us the story of football in her country and we made a promise. That for Euro 2013, the Under 21s tournament hosted by Israel, we would visit Palestine to make a film and help tell the world what football means for ordinary Palestinians living on the other side of the wall Israel built to encircle and occupy their land.

The film was made on the eve of Israel hosting Euro 2013. Filmed, cut and edited in the space of 48 hours this is politically-committed reportage at its rapid and rough best. It was premiered at the Palestine Olympic Association HQ in Ramallah. Please spread this film far and wide.

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