Freiburg Conference Update


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A message from Dr Gabi Weber-Cafe Palestine Freiburg

Dear All,

as time goes by, things are getting more and more interesting in tiny little Freiburg.

One of the organising groups of the "Counterevent" against Palestine Days Freiburg
is German-Israeli Society (DIG).
Weeks ago Cafe Palestine sent an invitation to DIG and asked for a proposition concerning one or
two persons who could represent them in the conference.
Until now we didn´t get an answer - but they organised the counter-event.
At least they are operating in the open, in contrast to certain Jewish"anti-Zionists"

One part of the counter-programme is a  demonstration against our
conference on Sunday, 11/9/11 in front of the conference venue.

For those among you who speak German - here is a radio interview
with one of the persons who are part of the counter-event. I don´t have to tell you that
most of the accusations are simply not true.

On Saturday afternoon Cafe Palestine will  organise an information desk in the city of Freiburg.
Gilad Atzmon will support us with  STREET MUSIC!!!

Many greatings
Gabi Weber, Freiburg