Gaza’s Ark Statement regarding Greta Berlin and the Free Gaza Tweet


An unfortunate mistake resulted in a message – perceived as antisemitic rhetoric – being sent on Free Gaza’s official Twitter feed.  The sender of the message was Greta Berlin, co-founder and board member of Free Gaza.

It was later revealed that the message being tweeted was taken out of context.  It was a personal Facebook message intended for a private discussion among a group of people exchanging about propaganda and racism.  Greta’s Facebook account was linked to the Free Gaza Twitter feed which resulted in the message being tweeted unintentionally and, more importantly, out of context.

Gaza’s Ark is disturbed by this mistake that should not have happened and believes that measures should be taken so such a mistake would never be repeated.

This said, we are satisfied by Greta’s apology and explanation.  We have known Greta for many years, we have never witnessed any sign of racism or antisemitism in her work and we appreciate her many contributions in the struggle for justice and human rights. These contributions and years of work cannot be wiped out because of such an incident.

Meanwhile we are dismayed by the way some media took the issue out of context, ignored Greta’s explanation and tried to smear her and any group she is or was affiliated with, unjustly.

We assert that we denounce in the strongest terms all forms of antisemitism, racism and/or hate mongering. It is our raison d’être as a movement to stand firmly against such ills that are the root cause behind most suffering on earth.

We urge all people of conscience to focus on the real issue at hand: ending the suffering and misery for all peoples and making the world a better, safer and more just place.

Gaza’s Ark Steering Committee

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