Germany says yes to Jewish blood Ritual


After months of controversy, German lawmakers overwhelmingly approved legislation to guarantee that male circumcision remains legal in Germany.

The legislation makes it clear that parents have the right to circumcise their newborn sons if the practice follows medical rules and is carried out by a trained practitioner. Once the boy reaches the age of six months, only a doctor can perform the circumcision.

The new legislation accommodates Jews who insist that the ritual must be carried out by a specially designated person known as a mohel. The Central Council of Jews in Germany said it would start a training program to ensure that mohels receive proper medical training. However, it is not clear whether the German legislators are aware of the devastating fact that Jewish circumcision involves blood sucking (metzitzah b’peh). One may wonder,  how can German medical authorities allow such a dangerous as well as  sickening blood ritual to be carried out in their state.

I guess that what we see here is, once again, the devastating and corrupting impact of Jewish power.