Gilad and Strings 5 stars review - “Best Jazz and Jazz Club Ever”

“Best Jazz and Jazz Club Ever”

I have seen many jazz clubs in my life but this is the best! The food is really good, the with e list is good, the room is awesome and the back bands were hot.

The opening act was The Clark Tracey Quintet and I have never seen such musicianship. Tight and deep harmonics from the sax, trumpet and occasion am flugelhorn. Best jazz band I have ever seen - until the next band played.

The Charlie Parker experience with Gilad Atzmon was better. I have wept at four performances in my life because they were so good. I wept four times on this one night. Gilad was an amazing sax and clarinet player, witty, charming and smart. Go see him! For this performance there was a string quartet in addition to the sax, piano, drums and bass.

And go to Ronnie Scott's. It looks straight out of an old classic movie and the acoustics are great. A very small venue with very few bad seats.