Gilad Atzmon: And What About Our Spring?


Freiburg Conference is behind us and it was a major success.

This is my opportunity to thank you all, panellists, organizers, audience and readers for your endless support and dedication. 

The conference was a gathering of some of the most articulate and innovative minds within our discourse and beyond. We had a list of panellists  who did not follow any particular party line but were dedicated to the principles of justice, ethics and universalism. We are talking here about public figures who manage to withstand Zionist and crypto Zionist pressure, including physical threats. We were lucky to be facilitated by an organisation (Cafe Palestine Freiburg)  that is genuinely interested in Palestine and justice.  Our audience were willing to listen and engage in open  discussion.  The entire event was smooth and productive. It left us with hope and fuelled  many of us with a renewed belief in a better future.  

Against all odds we managed to discuss different topics to do with the boundaries of our discourse. We identified numerous obstacles. But we also found the time to focus on the enemy within- sadly enough, all panellists were subjected to relentless  pressure mounted on them by elements within the Jewish ‘anti’ Zionist network. Everyone involved in the conference, without exception, was  repelled by their sabotaging attempts. Its crucial to point out that we invited our Jewish, anti Zionist  detractors to share platform with us, we thought that if they do indeed have a valid argument, they better present it in the open,  but, predictably, they declined.   These deluded Jewish political sectarian elements must have believed that they would be able to dismantle our gathering, they were obviously totally wrong.

As promised, we will soon publish the list of the activists  who attempted  to destroy this important gathering. Once again the continuum between Israeli Hasbara and agitators within the so-called Jewish ‘anti’ Zionist network has been forensically established. 

We will bring it to light.

We will expose their futile attempts.

The entire conference was filmed and documented. Papers and videos will be published on-line soon.

I will use this opportunity to thank Dr Gabi Weber and Cafe Palestine Freiburg. I would also like to thank Cafe Palestine Zurich for their support this week. Thanks to the conference, some of the panellists including myself are already invited to similar events all across  Europe. I will use this opportunity once again,  to thank my Jewish anti Zionists detractors for their destructive efforts. As always, it is their desperate attempt to steer the Palestinian movement, which helps us to identify the enemy within.

In case someone fails to grasp the meaning of the success of the conference, I will state it in very clear terms: The Tide Has Changed. Our ‘spring’ may as well be just around the corner. But the truth must be said openly. If we want to reinstate our most elementary freedoms, we too will have to fight for it. 

All the best

Gilad Atzmon


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*In the picture above  (from left to right):   Ibrahim El-Zayat, Sameh Habeeb, Samir Abed-Rabbo, Alan Hart, Gilad Atzmon, Makram Khoury-Macho, Ken O´Keefe. Gabi Weber and Annie Sauerland.

The following are missing:  Evelyn Hecht-Galinski, Viqar Ali, David Borrington, Ulrike Vestring, Tilman Lüdke, and Bernhard Uhde.