Gilad Atzmon: BBC Panorama, An Exemplary Work of Clumsy Journalism


BBC’s Panorama failed yesterday in its attempt to cover the Israeli Massacre on the Mavi Marmara. 'Death on the Med' is an exemplary work of clumsy journalism. It broadcasted video footage stolen  from peace activists on board. It repeated Neocon terminology by referring to Islamic driven political activism as 'Islamism'. It promised to provide some new evidence. But, instead, it recycled footage presented by the Israeli military that has long since been proven (and admitted as) faked.  

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The BBC also failed to present its viewers with clips that have been available on the world wide web for months now.  Namely footage of the moment an Israeli 'commando' executed  Furkan Dogan, aged 19, on the upper deck. No mention either that Furkhan was not a terrorist but merely in his senior year at Kayseri High School, where he was awaiting the results of his university entrance exams. He hoped to become a doctor. 

Watch  IDF commandos executing Furkan Dogan, a clip BBC skipped for some peculiar reason:


Instead, we heard Israeli commandos repeating the usual stories about IDF soldiers  shooting passengers only in the limbs. And that dear friends only after extreme 'provocation'.  As we all know 9  peace activists died on the Mavi Marmara, peppered with IDF  bullets-  to the head and chest area.

The BBC also reported one Israeli commandos assertion that he was 'badly wounded'. If you are bothered to  see the documentary you will see a footage of a single  Israeli soldier’s hands lightly  scratched. Yet we won’t see medical records to prove (as asserted) 'severe blood loss' nor did the soldier offer to show his no doubt serious scars to Ms Corbin. Did she even due her basic duty as a documentary maker and ask to see evidence of such injuries?

The BBC found a footage of a ‘potential shaid’.  A Turkish passenger is presented saying  that if needed, he would confront the Israelis because peace for Palestinians is being ignored on the international stage. He said that he would even be willing to give his life for the proud cause of justice and freedom. A reasonable, honourable statement. Especially in retro-perspective taking  into consideration the fact that the Gaza Flotilla was attacked in international waters. 

There is one very positive aspect  to the BBC documentary. It gave us a glimpse into the Israeli desperation. Never in the past would Israel's leaders consider letting anyone near its Fleet 13 commando unit.  Now, their bored, probably terrified recruits put on glamorous Hollywood style mock 'boardings' for even a lowly (once upon a time despised) BBC crew. Proof - the Israelis are losing ground.  

Interestingly, the Israeli Commandos being interviewed by Panorama were kept hidden from the camera, their anonymity safely preserved. All viewers of the pathetic  Hasbara attempt glimpsed were silhouettes or profiles. 

We should know why. 

Being war criminals they have much to hide. 

Watch Israeli Hasbara  footage exposed as a studio generated  fake: