Gilad Atzmon: May vs. Salah

Sheikh Raed Salah won a great victory in Britain High Court yesterday, Sheikh Salah (52) was detained on the orders of the home secretary, Theresa May who was obviously following instructions from the real rulers of this country (in Jerusalem). Salah was then imprisoned for funding Hamas and leading a violent demonstration. The High Court, however, ruled that Sheikh Salah was held unlawfully and is entitled to compensation. 

Since his arrival on 25 June, it has emerged that no one informed Sheikh Salah that he was prohibited from coming to Britain and that a Heathrow immigration officer who scanned his passport ignored a live alert to exclude him. Three days after entering the UK Sheikh Salah was detained at his west London hotel, handcuffed and taken to Paddington Green police station. He had been due to address a series of public meetings, including one at the Houses of Parliament.

The home secretary subsequently served a deportation notice on him, on the grounds that his presence in the UK was "not conducive to the public good". It is indeed amusing that the same British Government that amended Britain's Universal Jurisdiction Laws last week just to allow Israeli War Criminals to visit this kingdom, insisted on banning an Islamic leader and a devoted peace activist from doing the same.

Sheikh Salah challenged his removal and obtained bail in July. He is appealing against the decision to deport him in separate proceedings before an immigration tribunal which continues next week. 

Earlier this week, it emerged that senior officials at the UK Border Agency had opposed the home secretary's decision to deport the Palestinian, warning that the evidence against him was disputed, open to legal challenge and the case "very finely balanced".

Neil Sheldon, appearing for the home secretary, had argued that “she (Theresa May) had acted reasonably and was legally entitled to order Salah's detention pending deportation.” It is now clear that the High Court of Britain wasn’t at all impressed with May’s ‘reasoning power’. However, I would suggest home secretary May to appeal to the London Rabbinical Court, I am sure that they will appreciate the depth of her ‘reasoning’. After all she was following orders from Jerusalem.

The incident was highly embarrassing for the home secretary as Sheikh Salah was the first high-profile case under her policy of broadening the pathetically Zionised lame definition of "non-violent extremists who encourage terrorism” that she pledged to take pre-emptive action against.

In order to reinstate Western values of tolerance, pluralism and human liberties, Britain must drift away from Jerusalem immediately.


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