Gilad Atzmon on HardTalk BBC Persia (very interesting)

The debate (in English) starts around 59 sec' in

By Gilad Atzmon

Last week I was invited by BBC Persia to guest on HardTalk. We all know what BBC Persia stands for so I expected to be thoroughly grilled. Now, I just love to be grilled but the problem is I just don't cook very well. Truth is, it ain’t all that easy to knock me down, so if BBC had such a plan, it obviously failed.

After the recording I was pretty sure the BBC would shelve it and never air the debate, but I was wrong. Yesterday the BBC broadcasted the Persian version and today on, Youtube, it released the English subtitled version. I really do congratulate those British broadcasters for their courage and their commitment to journalism.

Of course, the Zionist cyber universe was outraged with the notoriously  Islamophobic Harry’s Place predictably announcing “If BBC Persian keeps broadcasting stuff like this, the Iranian regime won’t even bother to jam them anymore.” Needless to say I’d love to play Cupid to any budding romance between the BBC and the Iranian regime. 

Adam Holland, an avid San Francisco Sayan, believed he could pressure the British broadcasters from his home in California. After all, is not Zionism now a global movement dedicated to the notion of the ‘promised planet’? 

Holland, using the hardcore Zionist BBCWatch wrote: “It is bad enough that the BBC promotes Atzmon in English language broadcasts, especially given that anti-racists in Britain are trying to oppose the spread of his hate speech.  But it is even more reprehensible and irresponsible on the part of the BBC to go to the trouble of translating his racist opinions into Persian for promotion..”  In short, those enthusiast Zionists really believe that it is down to Israel and its messengers to decide who is kosher and who fits to contribute to world culture and intellectual exchange.”

Well of course it’s all terribly amusing and long ago I learned that the Jewish panic around me simply helps to promote my message. Still, the BBC will soon have to decide what to do. If they cave in to Jewish pressure it will only support the Iranian argument that BBC Persia is in fact a Zionist propaganda unit. 

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