Gilad Atzmon on Kevin Barrett's Truth Jihad Radio (very interesting)

Mon.  10/29/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio

We explored issues to do with  Mondweiss, Ali Abunimah, Jewish tribalism, Palestinian Diaspora Politics, Holocaust, 911 and more...

Listen to the program:

First hour: Gilad Atzmon, the acclaimed Israeli-born British saxophonist, is one of the world's notable jazz musicians. His new book The Wandering Who? has provoked a mega-storm of praise and outrage, and become an underground best-seller. BG (before Gilad), anyone who suggested that the genocidal excesses of Zionism - and I would include 9/11 in that category - were inexorably linked to certain aspects of Jewish culture, was automatically assumed to be a benighted anti-Semite. Then Gilad Atzmon thoughtfully and passionately opened the door to reasoned discussion of this issue...and the rest is history.

The recent flap over Free Gaza activist Greta Berlin's alleged "anti-Semitic tweet" is just the latest outburst of anti-Gilad hysteria. See my article Mind-Controllers Chant "Anti-Semite" to Prevent ThoughtCrime.

A few days ago, one of the best Jewish pro-Palestine blogs, MondoWeiss, admitted that "a significant part of the community wants to talk about Israeli policy in the context of Jewish history and Jewish identity, and do so in a highly critical manner." But rather than welcoming such a discussion, MondoWeiss banned it! Their new policy silencing any discussion of Jewishness in relation to Palestine ought to be called "The Atzmon Rule." Apparently, a lot of otherwise reasonable people are desperately trying to slam shut the door that Gilad opened. (Note: Philip Weiss turned down an invitation to present his point of view on this.)

Here at Truth Jihad Radio, our mission is to discuss precisely those issues that are so important that the "forces of repression," including the internal censor as well as the external one, are trying to build a wall of silence around them. And although I personally do not believe that the Palestinian genocide is entirely a product of Jewish history and Jewish identity - I think there are plenty of other factors involved, including European settler-colonialism, US imperialism, and the bankster crime cabal - nobody can deny that Gilad Atzmon has hit a raw nerve, kicked a hornet's nest, unlocked a Pandora's short, opened up a critically important field of discussion.

The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics, Jewish political interest and Jewish hegemony within the Palestinian Solidarity Movement...

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