Gilad Atzmon on Meria Heller Show

Meria with Gilad Atzmon-The Wandering Who? Jewish Identity Politics

11/4/12 Meria interviews Gilad Atzmon on his excellent book “The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Identity Politics”. What’s in a name? Israel is a state, Palestine is the land; anti-semitism; few Jews can claim origin in Palestine; initial Zionist plan; Nationalism created unpaid armies; disarm Israel; the Jewish state; the “chosen” ones; exceptionalism in USA and Israel; losing the American dream; what is a zionist? anti-semitism feeds the Israeli project; Jewish anti-zionism; Iran- PRE traumatic stress; Israel the only aggressor; who controls world politics ? AIPAC pushing for war; Jewish religion follows the Talmud not the Bible; Jewish secularization; US & Israel – Old Testament driven; what was the biggest victim of WW2? NWO and the Zionist agenda; new Nazi’s? American politics cheaper than tanks; Americans fighting Israel’s wars; complicity of citizens; the Protocols of Zion; and lots more.