Gilad Atzmon: The Bund- A Disturbing Jewish Political Exercise (must watch)

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: A few years ago  I saw a small extract of this film (The story of the Bund in Israel- film by Eran Torbiner). This week a bigger chunk of the documentary was left on youtube.

This is a film about the ‘Jews only’ socialist party- The Bund. In the documentary you can watch for yourself ‘young’ revolutionary Bundists in action. In spite of being ‘Socialists’ and ‘Internationalists’, they, for some reason, ended up living  in a ‘Jews only’ State in occupied Palestine at the expense of the Palestinians.

I guess that this may as well be, the real meaning of ‘Jewish socialism’- You sing the International in Yiddish on someone else’s land.

By the way, we do not have an access to the entire film,  but so far, I didn’t notice a single reference to Palestine, Palestinians their cause or plight.

Towards the end, Bundist Yaakov Belek speaks nostalgically about the pre war Bund in Poland (7:41). His words are an insight into Jewish progressive supremacy and exceptionalism. It is almost disturbing to watch and listen.  “The Bund was a unique Party” he says. “It wasn’t like any other party… it was an empire. A bund member was a different kind of person. Maybe I am a patriot but this is how it was. For years we grew bigger and bigger. Before the beginning of WWII it was the largest party in Poland. We possessed* everything. We had the youth, future, SKIP **, sport, so many schools, we were the new type, we were the new man

It seems to me, as if Belek himself fails to grasp that he is outlining the true meaning of Jewish Power, we are special, we are unique, we are an empire, the future and  we posses everything. I guess that AIPAC and CFI members are also blind to the potential danger entangled with their so-called ‘success’.  


  For a full deconstruction of Jewish Identity Politics (Left, right and centre) The Wandering Who, available on  or


*GA: my translation from Hebrew   

**GA: SKIP is a sociality youth movement

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