Gilad Atzmon: Wagner Again


Oi vey, an Israeli orchestra plans to play the music of this meshigine Wagner, whom  Hitler loved so much.

Wagner’s music is considered taboo in Israel, it is years since he made it to top 40’s in the Jewish state. Wagner  also held views that are far from being popular amongst Jews.  He once wrote that Jews were only capable of producing money-making music and not works of art. I guess that  Israelis do not like meshiges with an astute reading of the socio-economy  of the show business.

Wagner’s great-granddaughter Katharina had planned to visit Israel this week to officially invite the orchestra to perform the music at a Wagner festival in Bayreuth in southern Germany.  This  Shikze seems to believe in reconciliation and harmony.  She told the London Guardian that she wanted the Israeli orchestra to play at the German festival in an attempt to “heal wounds,”. What a silly move, once wounds of the past are healed, nothing would be left for the Jews to moan about. 

Israel Chamber Orchestra spokeswoman Merav Magen Lelie told Israel National News. “This is the first time Wagner will be performed by an Israeli orchestra.”  Lelie said that the chamber orchestra’s music director Roberto Paternostro's  is kosher for his grandparents were murdered in the Holocaust.  I just wonder, how many bars of Wagner am I entitled to play if my grandparents survived the holocaust? 

Israeli Holocaust survivor Noah Klieger told the Germany news agency Deutsche Welle last week, “Wagner was the father of the theory of the races; he was the first one to claim that there was a master race - the Germans – and a low-class race - the Jews. He was the first to explain this in writing.  Mr Klieger, is obviously wrong. Choseness wasn’t exactly a German invention. Survivor Klieger better look around him. If he is genuinely concerned with racism, he better fight Jewish racism at home.