GOLIATH; Life and Loathing in Greater Israel

Book Review By Eugene Schulman

As most of you know, I have been following events in the Israel/Palestine conflict for years.  I have built up a library over those years of hundreds of books, both pro and con on the issues.  This is the first one I have read that has turned my stomach.  Not because it is untruthful or poorly written, rather, whether you believe the author or not, the tale he describes is one of unrelenting cruelty.  Have a gander at the Amazon link below for a description of what I would say is the most important book on contemporary Israel I have read.  Don't forget to read the customer reviews.

Of all the reviews I had read prior to reading the book: Chris Hedges at Truthdig; Larry Gross, also at Truthdig; Tablet, a magazine of Jewish writing, which laughably calls it a novel, the best one is Gilad Atzmon at Common Dreams who, after praising the book, asks the most important question of all - WHY is Israel the way it is?  Of course, anyone who has read his "Wandering Who?" will know the answer.  It is a Jewish identity crisis.

I would add my own conclusion:  That Israel and the US are tied at the hip in their foreign policies, and because of US support, Israel can and does get away with anything it wishes, just as the US does.  Recent "deal" with Iran over its nuclear issues notwithstanding.